5 Minute Pitches: Dave

Can you come up with a marketing campaign in just five minutes? Well, we put our team to the test.

Each person has five minutes to plan out their campaign and one minute to give us the ultimate elevator pitch. The approach they use is completely up to them.

In the first of our 5-minute pitches, watch our Director of Paid Media David Angus tackle a strategy for pre-workout supplements.

Acquisition marketer by trade, Dave introduces us to his brand ‘Fuelling Fitness’, and shows us how to create brand awareness using techniques such as paid search, PR and content creation, all organised into a handy distribution funnel

See how Dave did for yourself by watching the video below, and if you want to see how we approach a brief for real (and in more than five minutes) have a look at our projects.

Full Transcript:

My name is Dave and today I’m launching a pre-workout supplement.

Right, so where do I start? Well if you’re launching a product you need to look at a couple of goals. The first goal would be brand awareness.

Secondly, obviously, you need sales so that’s proof of concept. You need to sell your product.


In this day and age, with a lot of HIIT, interval training, pre-gym sort of workout, it could be both male and female, but I would say we’re looking at a 25-35 audience.

I want to launch a product that is tested, proven by science, I don’t want any of these faddy marketing products. I’d say high income is where we’d be looking. First things what you want to do is try it out in a high densely populated area then look to push that out further.

So what about features?

Features tell benefits sell.
There’s no BS. It’s medically no bullsh*t.

Then we’re looking at the USP, which I still think would be around these benefits. Pushing them further, for goal-oriented people, and you get that one further rep out that you’re looking to get.

Then thinking about the brand concept: Fuelling fitness, brand concept name.


PR strategy, you’re going to have to work with influencers, people like Mike Matthews out in the US. People who talk about this no BS supplement kind of marketing.
PR: influencers on the site – can be expensive?


you’ll need to produce content. You’ll need to bring people in on engaging content into your website or any properties you’re looking to advertise this product on. It will need to be well researched, google shopping.

Thing is if you do all these initial things right, and you get everything here right, what you can do then is you can look at pulling people in a retargeting flow, to bring people back up the funnel, interested and purchasing more.

The Elevator Pitch

So my brand is Fuelling Fitness. My goal is to create brand awareness around it and sell more products.

I’m looking to target:

  • 20-35-year-olds
  • London, home counties area
  • High income, well people that are looking for people to push them further when working out.

Really, the whole feast around this is it’s all medically tested, there’s no BS, boosts fatigue people, and really the magic is all going to come in the distribution.

This is where I brought in the funnel, creating awareness from PR, display advertising, working with publishers, looking to engage people with well-researched content, medical, benefits of this products, how can it push people further in certain areas.

And this is when you bring in acquisition, and you start to sell more products through PPC and remarketing.

To me? That’s nice and tight.

If you want to find out more about the way we work and how that can work for you, get in touch!

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