4 Health and Wellness Trends To Watch in 2021

Health and Wellness | 28/07/2021 | Written by Anoushka Rabin

The health and wellness industry is growing, and fast. Before COVID-19 hit, health and wellness was already a top priority for consumers but has since come into a sharper focus as a result of the pandemic. Research from McKinsey suggests that the global wellness market is currently worth $1.5 trillion and is still growing at a rate of 5-10% per year. A rise in consumer interest along with purchasing power offers huge opportunities for businesses, especially since self-care is now viewed as a ‘necessity rather than a choice.

Conversations on social media around the subject are experiencing exponential growth as consumers are becoming more health-conscious. When looking at raw data, ‘health’ as a keyword on social media platforms accounts for 210 million conversations. Out of these conversations, wellness accounts for 40% of them. So what conversations around health and wellness were being had on social media? Here are 4 of the most visible social media trends across platforms: 

Holistic Health

Holistic health is a major trend on Instagram with over 5.6 million posts using the phrase as a hashtag. 

Holistic health is the notion that the mind, body, and soul are dependent on each other. Having a healthy and balanced diet, mindfulness, positive mindset, aromatherapy, and yoga all come under this umbrella.

Here are some examples of what users are sharing on Instagram around the topic:


The pandemic inevitably caused a lot of stress and uncertainty. Resulting in techniques that manage stress becoming a highly relevant & widely held conversation across social media. 

Mindfulness, yoga, and mediation are stress management techniques that are most discussed on social media. Nutrition and supplements are also incorporated into this routine and used alongside these mindfulness exercises and breathing techniques. 

Currently, there are 28.6 million posts on Instagram tagged with the hashtag #mindfulness and there are hundreds of thousands more with variations like #mindfulnesspractice or #mindfulnessmeditation. Many of the posts contain inspirational quotes that vary in relevance to mindfulness practice. Others show selfies or yoga posts, books, or drinks and are often posted by influencers or wannabe influencers. 

This segways nicely into our next social media topic, the topic of mental health and the fact that is no longer taboo…

Mental Health

It’s not a shock that many struggled with our mental health throughout the pandemic, with users taking to social media to open up about their anxiety, depression and burnout:

Licensed therapists have even taken to Tik Tok to educate the younger generation about mental health and to encourage those who are struggling to talk about their symptoms. 

Users are taking issues into their own hands and are using self-care as a way of coping with their mental health.

Self Care

Self-care as a means of coping with mental health is prevalent across social media. The home became the main environment for people to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing. Many users found different ways to improve their physical and mental health including exercise, pampering, meditation, trying new hobbies, etc… 

The pandemic also provided ample time for people to focus on aspects of life within their control and prioritize activities and interactions that they deemed as a necessity. Consumers started to focus on health goals that may have been previously put off due to other commitments. 

What can brands do to tap into these trends?

There is a field of opportunities for brands and there are many ways that they can leverage off these trends. Examples include: 

  • Establish your brand around wellness values 
  • Provide holistic experiences for consumers 
  • Utilise data from social media to build online communities around physical and mental wellbeing topics 
  • Elevate customer experience through tech and services
  • Innovate and collaborate with wellness brands to stay relevant 

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