One of the main goals of social media strategy, no matter which platform, is to create, and cultivate a community. Building this community can sometimes feel like the main goal you’re working towards, and whilst it’s essential in getting your brand’s visibility going over social, this is really only part of the battle.

Community management is the process of monitoring, managing, and nurturing the band of followers you’ve got over a given social platform. Your community manager(s) then is your brand ambassador — they’re the acting voice of your brand, they control the copy that goes out, and work to create engagement within your group of followers. This sometimes means diffusing potentially negative situations, and saving brand face when the time calls for it.

Without a community manager, your audience are essentially left to their own devices. What they say, and their efforts to get in touch with you go unnoticed, which essentially says to them that you don’t care.

This is no easy task, however. Being a good community manager means leaving no stone left unturned: don’t apologise unnecessarily out of fear you’ve upset someone, and be sharp on ‘trolls’ buy levitra online without prescription negatively affecting your channels. Don’t take a conversation to DM without responding publicly to the query on the right social platform. Focus on the channel where most of your audience are, rather than trying to be all over every channel, all the time, and above all: don’t force it.

If people find something interesting, they’ll naturally engage, and in any case, won’t always be besotted with what they see on your profile. You need to be ready for the natural ways people are going to respond (or not) to what you put out — having a strategy to react authentically is essential.

A key thing to remember is to focus on the reach and influence of the people within the community you’re growing. Influencers can actually take a weight off your workload, as they can help answer other member’s questions, or endorse you via their own profiles.

Really, all clients using social media should have a community management strategy in place. Get in touch and see what we can do to help you come up with a killer one.