Social Media

There’s no denying it: social media is a sizable force to be reckoned with. But one we aren’t even a little bit afraid of. From imaginative business as usual social, to flash campaigns, we’ve managed them all, and had a lot of success doing it. At Curated we don’t just use social media for ads, or to post content, but to interact and get involved with conversations: building a strong brand image across multiple platforms.

Our social media skills are super sharp and, we’re always keen to share our wisdom. So whether you’re perplexed by Facebook targeting, want to master the Insta-hashtag game, or want to get serious about scheduling, we’ve got some answers.  So if you’re really looking to get social-savvy have a bit of a dig into what we have to offer.

It’s a no brainer: the way you use social media, what platforms you use, and the sort of content you promote is really dependent on your brand. Each lends itself in different ways: take foodies all hailing Instagram for example. Want to see what can work for you specifically, use our industry filter.


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