Paid Search

Here at Curated, we believe there isn’t just one single approach when it comes to PPC marketing — it’s an area that’s growing, and our approach is to use multiple channels in working towards a larger goal.

In this space, you can discover how we tackle different targets from clients in a multitude of industries. It’s our approach laid bare, so you can fully understand how, and why, we map out PPC journeys the way we do. Whether you want to increase sales for a tidy boost of revenue, push new readers to specific pieces of content, or send through new leads, these goals are all strategically and tactically planned out to get the best results possible.

We work as a cohesive unit at Curated, so every team member knows exactly what the goals are and what we’re doing to achieve them. It gives us a solid platform to kick on from, and get things done in a timely manner. So, check out our processes, have a good read around, and drop us a line if you fancy a chat.


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