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Curated Publishing brings life to new brands, websites, and projects we’ve identified a need for and that we believe in.

After years of doing successful work for clients, we’ve developed specialisms and become savvy to changing audience behaviours, needs, and expectations where it comes to what information they engage with on the internet. We’ve gotten to know certain audience groups pretty well and are getting frustrated alongside them at their lack of access to things they want and need.

Instead of waiting for the perfect pitch to come our way, we decided to build and run these gems ourselves.

The Femedic

While working on different healthcare projects it became clear that there was one group whose needs were continually being overlooked: women.

Women’s health is an area fraught with taboo and embedded within a culture of shame and silence. There is a lack of accessible and engaging information about women’s health that considers the breadth of their experiences to answer their questions properly. After all, health is affected by a myriad of physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors, and is just as much a social conversation as a medical one. Existing sites tend to bark facts at readers and push them towards a generic call to action without giving them enough context to understand what it is they may be feeling.

The Femedic provides a mixture of focused educational content written by qualified medical professionals and editorial, lifestyle content. It’s content that works hard to help women get a better understanding of what might be happening inside their bodies, and help them unlearn the shame they’re taught to feel for experiencing certain health conditions.

It is the first site of its kind and is currently set to launch in June 2017.

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