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Healthspan challenged us to double their new customers over 2016 through PPC advertising. We were only too happy to rise to the occasion.


Facing challenges due to a hugely-reduced above-the-line marketing spend and an ageing audience, Healthspan’s overall goals were to:

  • Grow new customer numbers through PPC advertising
  • Reach younger audiences through paid search — this would protect the brand in the long-term
  • It was our job to achieve these goals via paid search.

    What we did

    We recognised that our best opportunity of growing new customer numbers through a younger audience was to revamp our Google Shopping activity. Google Shopping is a ‘new’ channel that is especially appealing to younger groups as it simplifies the process of buying online. To boot, we built out higher funnel research terms for the products that Healthspan sell.

    By taking this approach we generated more awareness around Healthspan as brand on all devices, with a mixture of advice-led — focusing on the benefits and quality of the product — and direct response messaging, which seeks to spur users into action (usually to buy something).

  • We grew the Google Shopping from 1 to 79 separate campaigns
  • We did in-depth research into some of the wider trending and medical terms of the products to inform which higher-funnel terms we should target
  • Leveraged national and internal PR news and press releases
  • Improved our use of remarketing audience lists, giving us more chances to convert the consumer
  • Increased bids on products where there was evidence of a younger audience purchases
  • What happened

    The campaign worked brilliantly.

    We grew new customers by 842% through Google Shopping alone

    This was accompanied by a 169% growth of new customers through paid search ads.

    Ultimately, we delivered a 327% increase of new customers through PPC advertising in 2016 in comparison to 2015, with only a 10% increase in PPC spend.

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